Annihilation (Zagreb, Croatia; March 23d, 2020)

My dear friends. My home was destroyed in the earthquake, in Zagreb, Croatia. I woke up yesterday at 6:23, my whole room and myself were shaking and swinging (the house was purposefully built that way in case of the earthquake), just like the guy who is in an “electric chair” (he is in the car in that scene), from Lynch’s Lost Highway. I started to yell uncontrollably since I suffer from PTSD due to previous traumas (I was severely injured in a car accident, with internal brain bleeding when I was 12). The house is destroyed beyond repair, and it is my only place to live in my hometown. Now I live in an apartment my cousin lent me for a short time, and the living conditions are hard.

I will have to move to the country in grandfather’s house and then migrate. Most likely to Italy when the pandemic is over. My whole life and my way of living, were destroyed in 12 seconds. I said goodbye to my cat and set her free, so that she doesn’t return to the house which might collapse. I love her dearly and most likely I will never see her again. I never wrote a personal post on this blog, and put hundreds of hours in it, hopefully I will publish a collection of essays. All of this happened in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic in Croatia. I have rarely asked anyone in my life for help, directly, but you can donate something if you enjoyed reading this blog. I am emotionally devastated and financially drained and I am not sure if I will keep writing. Hope you are doing well in this pandemic, they told us to stay home; at this moment I don’t really have one.

Lots of love,






9 thoughts on “Annihilation (Zagreb, Croatia; March 23d, 2020)

  1. Hi Hrvoje

    I have very little to offer but my concerned thoughts and wish to stay updated with your journey.


    I will PayPal what and when I can!

    You are in a movie – make it a masterpiece


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    1. You are immensely kind. I appreciate your words of consolation and support. You gave me an idea to mantain this blog! I will update you all on my journey and as the title of the post I will symbolically use a famous film title (to keep this site movie related).

      It is intense! I am better today, I recuperate rather quickly.

      You have my sincere gratitude.

      If it were a movie, it would be similar to Midsommar or Argento’s Suspiria, horrific but beautiful. I see it that way. I will do my best to make it a masterpiece.

      Hope you are doing well.


    1. I thank you sincerely for your support. I agree, no one should go through these things, but as Machiavelli says, Fortuna is merciless. We have to fight and build dams against her floods. The problem is I am “damless” at the moment (what a word!) but with enough strength it can be managed.

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  2. Jeez, I’m really sorry to hear that. A pandemic of this magnitude is bad enough by itself, but adding an earthquake to things is flat-out unfair. However you can do it, I hope you pull through.

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    1. I agree, this pandemic is bad enough, but this devastation of personal property i.e. my home is a fatal blow. But, it can be managed to work this out. It will be hard, without a doubt, but being accustomed to longterm suffering prepares one for that. I will fight, and prevail, I hope as well. Good fortune will help!

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