Early Spring (Zagreb, Croatia; May 1st 2020)

To keep this blog film-related, I decided that the title of each subsequent post dealing with my experiences after the Zagreb earthquake, and the destruction of my home, will be the film title of a great film I love, with a symbolic undertone. For this post, I chose Yasujirō Ozu's Early Spring. Although it is … Continue reading Early Spring (Zagreb, Croatia; May 1st 2020)

Annihilation (Zagreb, Croatia; March 23d, 2020)

My dear friends. My home was destroyed in the earthquake, in Zagreb, Croatia. I woke up yesterday at 6:23, my whole room and myself were shaking,  just like the guy who is in an "electric chair" at the end of Lynch's Lost Highway. Since at first, I couldn't tell what was happening, I started to … Continue reading Annihilation (Zagreb, Croatia; March 23d, 2020)